About Us

meistWe arrange parking and parking supervision mainly in Tallinn, and to a lesser extent in Pärnu, Narva and Tartu. We provide the service of parking management to residential property owners, private landowners, businesses, educational institutions and paid parking. We operate more than 1500 car parks and provide the service of parking control to more than 120 apartment associations and private landowners.

Customer support of the operation of Parkit PLC car parks is available 24/7 on the hotline number 58070711.

The shortage of parking areas, disorganised parking and unregulated traffic management on private properties restrict the parking opportunities of property owners and holders. Our goal is to provide a parking service in the city, to help arrange the parking opportunities of private landowners’ vehicles and to deal with drivers who ignore the parking orders set by the decisions of property owners on the basis of current legislation. The aim of the parking conditions set by property owners is to ensure the existence of parking spaces for land owners on private land or in a car park and the parking of guests with the permit of the owner or for a parking fee.

Contractual penalties are measures for persons who locate their vehicle in the parking area contrary to the conditions set by the owners or park without permission.

In car parks and on real estate land, arrange the parking, ensure the parking regulations and carry out the check up our parking inspectors. The inspector can be recognised by its uniform with our logo on it, and they have been issued a Parkit PLC inspector’s certificate with a picture and they have a car at their disposal with the Parkit PLC logo on it.

The inspection is carried out based on the parking conditions set by the private landowner or holder and agreed by Parkit PLC.

The parking inspector cannot recall a contractual penalty claim; however, the driver of the vehicle has an opportunity to submit a valid claim to Parkit PLC within 14 days from the appointment of a contractual penalty. Overdue contractual penalty claims shall be forwarded for further handling to a partner company providing collection services.
Parkit PLC bases its activities on current legislation and local government laws. Our service rights and foundations have undergone in-depth legal analysis to ensure the compliance of the general conditions used in our actions to all legislative acts.

  • PLC ParkIT offers the following services:
  • Parking arrangements
  • Installation of traffic signs and lining of car parks and roads
  • Parking Supervision
  • Car park snow-ploughing