Installation of Traffic Signs

What must be taken into account when making high-quality traffic signs?

The material, out of which the traffic sign is made. It must be resistant to weather conditions, easy to install and replace and be a regular  part of the road construction.

Colour that will be applied onto the traffic sign. Modern high technologies enable colours to be manufactured that do not lose their colour and retain their radiance for a long period of time, regardless of external influences.

The durability of the whole construction. The production of traffic signs must take place in such a way that no kind of deductible or non-deductible activities can cause damage to the traffic sign, distort the information represented on it or damage its structure, because it can all become the cause of a serious traffic accident.

The installation of the sign must be in accordance with technology, otherwise even the most durable and high-quality signs won’t guarantee avoiding possible inconveniences on the road. High craftsmanship in everything – starting from the preparation of the traffic sign, to its installation – is the only guarantee of safety.

Our company, which sells traffic signs, sets its goal to ensure quality and 100% compliance with the standards. The Selling of Traffic Signs – defined and with a very high level of social responsibility and when sharing it with traffic participants, we are fully commited to following the standards precisely.

Information Board

If you need an information board, please contact us. We will prepare the information board for a traffic service company, and as well for advertising relevant content.

  • Installation of Traffic Signs
  • Installation of temporary traffic signs
  • Manufacturing of Traffic Signs

Parking areas will be lined and signs managing parking information and organisation will be placed according to the order of the owner(s) of the parking area.