Parking conditions


Conditions shall be adopted for parking with a parking card. Basic requirements will be printed on the information board of the parking area. Terms will be pre-coordinated with the owners of the real estate, owner or holder of the parking area.


  1. This parking card does not guarantee you a free parking space in the territory of …address………… .
  2. According to the Law of Parking, parking in the territory of …address………… is allowed for one car per apartment.
  3. The Parking Card will be issued to the owner in exchange for their signature after submitting an application to the board of the apartment association. To obtain a new licence, the old parking permit must be given back.
  4. If a family living in an apartment association apartment have several cars at their disposal, the owner can only choose one car for parking in the territory of …address………… .
  5. IT IS FORBIDDEN 24/7 to park on the pavement and next to the area marked with a yellow line (a fine will be imposed for parking incorrectly). It is FORBIDDEN to park minibuses and trailers in the territory of …address………… .
  6. There is access next to the residential stairway, intended for special cars (police, ambulance) and for loading furniture. PARKING FORBIDDEN.
  7. It is allowed to park next to the second stairway if the entrance area of the residential building for special cars (police, ambulance) or loading furniture is left free.
  8. Information marked on the parking card: card number, name of the apartment association, etc. must be visible. Damaged or restored parking cards are INVALID.
  9. In exchange for signature and along with the parking card, the apartment association will give out this document: PROCEDURE FOR THE USE OF THE APARTMENT ASSOCIATION PARKING CARD.
  10. The owner of the apartment is responsible for their guests. Please inform your guests about changes in parking regulations in the territory of AA.
  11. The apartment association is not liable for drivers who have violated the regulations of parking and using the parking card and it will not negate issued fines. We ask not to turn to the board of the apartment association regarding such questions.
  12. THE PROCEDURE FOR THE USE OF THE APARTMENT ASSOCIATION PARKING CARD has been issued to apartment owners in two languages and placed visibly on the information board.