Mobile parking

Instructions for manual parking:

  1. Send a text message to the number 1902.
  2. Identify the parking zone (see the PT+number on the information board).
  3. Add to your message: car number, space, zone (for example: 111ABC PT12).
  4. Wait for a message validating the parking and make sure that the parking has been started.
  5. When finished, call 1903.

One mobile number only can be used for parking one vehicle at a time.
Parking fee, according to the price-list of the mobile operator is 0.32 EUR.
Instructions for mobile parking can also be found on our information boards.

Contact information of the mobile operators:

EMT – 123

Elisa – 660 0600

Tele2 – 686 6866

Our customer service – 58 070711