PLC ParkIT signed a cooperation agreement with
Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation.

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Starting from 1 March of this year, all profit collected from penalties and locking wheels shall be handed over for the support of children with severe and profound disabilities. Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation main campaign for the year 2014: We support the establishment of care homes for children with severe and profound disabilities.

Goal: The project is designed to support the provision of care and support services in care homes for the whole family. The first care home will be opened in SA Tartu Perekodu Käopesa.

The beginning and the end of the project: We plan to open the care home for the first time during the spring holiday of 2014 and if everything goes according to plan, we hope to extend the service to year-round and to open similar care homes in other major cities as well. The end of the project is undetermined.

Project introduction: The current campaign is a continuation of our main campaign in 2013, in which we collected donations for providing care services for children with severe and profound disabilities in homes. Now we are taking a step forward and hope to establish care homes, where parents can bring their children with a heightened need for care, knowing that the child is being taken care of as well as at home. In addition to the care services, the care home also offers support services for the child (physiotherapy, occupational therapy) and support services for the family members (experience counselling, social counselling).
The aim of the campaign in 2014 is to provide care and support services for up to 100 different children and their family members in Tartu Perekodu Käopesa. The collected donations shall be used to pay for the care and support services for one child for up to 30 days in a year. The service may also be used, for example, a couple of hours a day, according to how it is suitable for the family.
In addition to care and support services we also provide activities for the parent to get out of their routine, for self-education and relaxation. Our cooperation partners are offering families visits to theatres and restaurants, as well as opportunities to enjoy the services of recreation centres.

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Cooperation agreement with Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation.

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