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Parking arrangements for apartment associations
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Service agreement

For the management of parking services a service agreement shall be concluded between Parkit PLC and the private landowner or holder, or person given the authorisation of the property owners’ (apartment association) meeting. To conclude the contract, a cadastral plan, an extract from the Land Register and an underlying document about the management/use of the property must be submitted with the application. For the prior notification of the property owners about future parking management, Parkit PLC has prepared an information document (in Estonian and Russian), which shall be submitted by the board of the apartment association to all property owners for signing.

Establishment of parking areas on private land.

The aim of the establishment of a parking area is to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, to accommodate as many vehicles as possible with minimal manoeuvring and to keep access to residential buildings free for emergency assistance, rescue services, moving, freight and waste vehicles.
According to your order, Parkit PLC shall prepare the property’s car park site plan, on which the arrangement for the parking of cars shall be determined. With the approval of the owners of the property we will specify the locations of the parking lines.

The arrangement and marking of parking areas

First, the parking regulations that will be valid shall be agreed on with the holder or owner of the property. The holder(s)/owners are able to establish such parking management as desired. The conditions made on the proposal of the customer that shall require special attention, will be put on the information board.

Subsequently, the markings will be designed and their locations on the property’s land will be determined. Marking will be put on the property’s plan. If the marked area is on private land for which the approval from the local government is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to follow the requirements set by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation for marking parking spaces.

Parking areas shall be lined and signs managing parking information and organisation shall be placed according to the order of the owner(s) of the parking area.

Parking cards

Parkit PLC shall formalise, order and cover the parking permits and issue them to contractual partners in the requested amounts.

The parking card will give the drivers of vehicles on the property of the representative of private property owners or on private properties the right to park.

The owner of the vehicle must place the parking card against the vehicle’s windshield on the side of the driver, so the document certifying the parking right is visible and clearly legible.

On paid parking areas (e.g. shopping centre car parks, vacant properties and other areas), parking charges can be carried out using a cell phone, as well a parking meter. The parking fee shall be formalised on the basis of the instruction described on the information board of the car park.

The right to park in private car parks

The terms and conditions set out on the information board of the private car park must be handled as standard terms of the agreement, which the parties have not negotiated separately.

Standard terms and conditions are part of the contract if PLC Parkit as a party using them has clearly referred to them and the other party, the driver using the parking, has had an opportunity to get to know their contents. For this purpose, the terms of the contract are also placed at the entrance of the car park, so the nature and conditions of the contract are clear to the driver entering the car park.

The contract shall be deemed concluded when both parties have expressed such a desire, including operations to verify the expression of their will. Conclusion of a contract shall not be construed solely by signing a written agreement, but it is also concluded when the customer’s vehicle is parked in the private car park, after they have had an opportunity to read the terms of the contract described on the information board of the car park. With the parking of a vehicle, consent to be legally bound has been expressed and from that moment on the contract is deemed concluded.

In the case of disagreement with the terms, the driver will have an opportunity not to leave their vehicle in the car park.

For apartment associations

Parking arrangements for apartment associations

To businesses and landowners

Parking management for businesses and landowners

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The markings will be designed and their locations on the property’s land will…

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