The markings will be designed and their locations on the
property’s land will be determined

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Marking will be put on the property’s plan. If the marked area is on private land for which approval from the local government is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to follow the requirements set by the Estonian Centre for Standardisation for marking parking spaces.

In parking areas, we need markings of all kinds of complexity. Our specialists will help you design markings in your car park within short periods of time.
Markings allow better navigation in car park situations, ease the process of traffic and help to understand the nature of traffic signs.
Our work results can be well seen in the daytime, as well at night time. The signs are clearly visible even in poor weather conditions. For this, we use colour with exceptionally high brightness. These colours are applied on the surface by spraying, which ensures high geometric properties and durability of the colour.


Range of services provided

  • Designing,
  • Applying to surface,

Methods of road markings

  • Temporary marking with polymeric tape,
  • Road paint marking,
  • Marking with plastic

Types of road markings

  • Longitudinal markings,
  • Cross markings,
  • Arrows,
  • Pictograms.

For apartment associations

Parking arrangements for apartment associations

To businesses and landowners

Parking management for businesses and landowners

Installation of Traffic Signs

The installation of the sign must be in accordance with technology…


The markings will be designed and their locations on the property’s land will…

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We provide the service of parking management to residential property owners, private landowners, businesses, educational institutions and paid parking. We operate more than 1500 car parks and provide the service of parking control to more than 120 apartment associations and private landowners.

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