Mobile parking

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Instructions for manual parking:

  1. Send a text message to the number 1902.
  2. Identify the parking zone (see the PT+number on the information board).
  3. Add to your message: car number, space, zone (for example: 111ABC PT12).
  4. Wait for a message validating the parking and make sure that the parking has been started.
  5. When finished, call 1903.

One mobile number only can be used for parking one vehicle at a time.
Parking fee, according to the price-list of the mobile operator is 0.32 EUR.
Instructions for mobile parking can also be found on our information boards.

Contact information of the mobile operators:

EMT – 123
Elisa – 660 0600
Tele2 – 686 6866

Our customer service – 58 070711

Parking conditions

Conditions shall be adopted for parking with a parking card.

Paid parking

It is our duty to operate the 12 areas of paid parking.

Mobile parking

Instructions for mobile parking

List of car parks

We operate more than 1500 car parks and provide the service of parking control

Contractual penalties

Law of Obligations § 158. The definition of a contractual penalty

Customer support of the operation of Parkit PLC car parks is available 24/7 on the hotline number

58 0707 11Contact us

Why us?

We provide the service of parking management to residential property owners, private landowners, businesses, educational institutions and paid parking. We operate more than 1500 car parks and provide the service of parking control to more than 120 apartment associations and private landowners.

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